About Me

Rigoberto De La Portilla
Tech, Beekeeper, Food Forrest Builder…. Hermit ….Foodie

~ know it all of social media shenanigans .


Tech Experience

Worked a handful of Miami Florida ISP’s in a window of 15 years Setting up & Configuring Dedicated/Managed Hosting Services (Windows, Linux, SunOs), Hardware/Wiring(modem/dsl/Business T1) for residential and Business.

Working in co-location(Data-Center) facilities is what started my Career in Security Operations a goal of mine from the first day I laid my hands on the keyboard.

10 years of that in Radiology and the Dentistry Dicom Routing and
Data-back-up what got me into the Medical field part of the tech industry.

Now I just tinker around waiting for the next phase … job .. to land on my lap 😀

Whats www.rigotech.net about?

I parked this domain for a decade vacation as it was always just a testing domain but now its back in operation awaken from its slumber and converted into a blog/data-dump for friends, family, and social media followers to enjoy.

Farming Food

Frowned upon by some and loved by others I found out the hard way when I got hit up with a local zoning warning of running an illegal plant nursery in a residential zone and I guess my 15 beehives was becoming a problem to a neighbor.  I honestly didn’t know I couldn’t grow stuff in containers on my own property.

I was later contacted by the local paper soon as I posted up onto social media which made me famous.  My wife told me it was time to move on so I could expand my Apiary and we headed north to find a 5 acre property which we named the Tattooed Homestead.

This Farm has become my playground where I mess around with
Micro-Computers and our blogs TattooedHomestead.com and Betacodist.com .  I reach out to companies who send me products to review and I use this land to test everything from Rifles, Bows , Arrows, Hunting blinds, and Pig Roasters


grow food not lawns - www.tattooedhomestead.com
Picking Peppers at a friends Farm.

Local Raw Honey - www.TattooedHomestead.com
Harvesting Fresh Honey


pasture raised pigs - http://www.tattooedhomestead.com
raising my own food is the most rewarding feeling.


Bacon Seeds!

-*– Featured in stuff throughout the years –*-