The Farm

The Tattooed Homestead

The Farm
Before – 2010 / After 2011+ (33126) Miami-Dade County

The Farm known as the Tattooed Homestead started back in Miami, Florida on a .15th of an acre.  What started as a Garden became an addiction of growing food.

The Farm
I needed pollination so I got into keeping Bees then people started calling needing honey bees relocated.

It was my thing to save them 😀 I became Famous!

I got picked up by a few local papers, online Blogs, and Magazines.  Became well known as the Tattooed Beekeeper.  It was fun but I needed more space I wanted more beehives and the city was just not for me anymore.

We started looking for the Farm
We found our 5 acre corner lot and started working on it. 😀

The Farm
Tattooed Homestead – 2014 Fort Lonesome | [Lithia, Florida (Hillsborough County)]
The Farm
The Farm

It took a few years to get things to start growing. We had goats for two years and nothing would grow.  They would eat everything in the garden by breaking fences, jumping over the fence, going through electric wire.

The ducks and geese were often taken out by the local fox or hawk.

Sheep would eat the grass but we ran into a problem one day  because of the previous owner of the property laid a bunch of weed blocking type of material which looked more like the nylon they wrap bales of hay with.   Well, I lost one to the dam plastic and sold the other so it wouldn’t be lonely.

We decided that chickens and pigs  were the way to go for us.  We love pork and roasting them in La Caja China.  I would let the pigs loose in an area I wanted to start planting and in 24 hours that whole section was rooted up and cleared.

The Farm

The Storm – Irma 2017

After Storm Irma the Farm took a hit and Now its pretty much waiting for spring.  Trees downed by the storm broke the pig pens and the pigs had to be relocated to the pasture.

Lost a bunch of fruit trees.

Everything I had planted and everything in the pictures above no longer looks like that.

House lost central AC and We ran into many other problems that will take the rest of 2018 for me to fix myself since it hard to get help out here.

Back to the drawing board.  …… Stay tuned for updates.