Working from Home : Managed Colocation


Got back into colocation because The Satellite Internet Out here in the Country Sucks!

The service is Horrible! No static IP; No hosting. The few wireless providers are expensive and the only other company I would of liked to try has me in a blind spot from their towers.

I had a few people ask me about websites/making apps and the wife wanted to test some code and the only way to get a server going was to setup a raspberry pi at grandmas in the city and vpn but I needed more power.  I needed to get back into colocation.

I like using my own hardware that way I know what I am dealing with.  I also like going in to a facility with good security and having that badge and key to open up the server locker.  I get a power plug and a cat 6 cable or choice of fiber.

I provide the switch and servers.  Forced to lease half a rack around 21u’s of space.

Its one of them things you got to make it work to make money.

Because if you aint going to make money then there is no reason to even get a colocation space.

Possibilities are endless if you got a plan.  My plan was to shove like 50 raspberry pis, a few towers running ubuntu and host some apps for people 😀


~ to be continued…

False Sense of Security

There is No Real Security and your feelings of confidence and safety should go out the window with what I am about to say.

–> the Current TECH out there IS NOT SAFE and NEVER WILL BE! <–

script kiddieWe are in the age where kids are growing up with a computer and phone in their hand. Don’t even look up anymore when walking. They just keep their face down onto the screen keeping up-to-date with what their social network is doing.

Its not like when we were younger and our parents had no Idea what a computer was.

Data Security

hacker tools

There are kids talking to other kids in school and rushing home to get on the computer to network, play games, and horde loads of crap playing hacker.

The tools are just out there if you know where to look for them and this is where the problem lies and why you really need to think about your Data-Security.


Intel Vulnerabilities
Meltdown and Spectre

intel hack
With a few scripts of code being modified on a daily basis now by script kiddies there will be variants of these attacks popping up for a while.

The attacks allow a hacker to read memory at the kernel level  and the functions of apps on a computer.

Passwords, photos, documents anything you consider private-data every phone, computer, tablet, and IOT Device.

Anything that has a internet connection with a intel based chipset is now vulnerable and can be accessed by the attacker.

What can be done about it?

If you know a IT consultant or Tech ask them about intrusion detection with Honey Pots for your network.

You usually don’t find out your compromised because of the deletion of logs and tools used by the attacker to cover their tracks but you can always find out if the attacker is on the network with an IDS(Intrusion Detection System).

An attacker usually gains access through an email attachment or vulnerability with the system or networked device due to lack of software patching. Why its very important you stay up to date.Anonymous Time

This is why you need a Tech to monitor your network and keep it updated.

Don’t get caught with your pants down hire some one.


Learn How to Use Linux and Start Programming Under $300

If my 5 year old boy can learn Linux and start programming So can you.

I had him reading at age 2 and always telling him to look up all his questions.

It really came in handy when he asked how to do certain things and we got him books about the subject improving his code day by day.

Lesson plans for Educators

heres a few things to look forward to with your Kano

Design & Engineering Challenges
English & Language Arts
Arts and Drama
Social Sciences

You can do what my kid did and jump in by get a kano computer.

They come with accessories and addons cool enough to inspire any kid or adult.

If you already have a raspberry pi computer you can get the kano os free online.   -= download =-



BUY A Raspberry Pi Kit and Download the update Os Free
Save some Money!



My Computer

This setup is super quiet all you see are blinking lights.

I recently chose to give up my Dell Desktop and start using a pi.
If I needed a computer, I could just remote into the Wife or kids.

Now the Dell Computer is configured better,  Its no longer just a desktop. Its Now a Media Server running an additional two virtual Linux Servers for my kid and I to play with.

I love Linux

I was originally playing around with dns, a firewall, and just one pi as a terminal.

I decided to give those pis to the family and setup a cluster for the kid to learn distributed computing now that hes all gun ho about python scripting thanks to his mom.

Set-up is a 6 node stack:
–  node (1 )  router / firewall / wireless access-point
–  node (2) workstation
–  node (3-6) networked test cluster

Its a BLOCK but its Mobile 😀

My Computer
6 Node Cluster (Router, Workstation, 4 node Cluster)

The Ultimate Starter Pi Cluster
Secure Router/Firewall/Ad Blocking Spyware Stopping Connection to the Internet, My personal Computer/ Test Lab all fitting in the Palm of my hand

You can do anything with these things as well as Automate your house.
I told the wife “Ill test everything on this block and maybe convert this stack into the brain of the Farms Automation“.

Run Your small Business off a Raspberry Pi

You will see I got this Cluster posted everywhere.

Ultimate Starter Raspberry Cluster

You don’t need a big powerful cluster super computer to run things for your small business.

There are Email, Web, inner-office Chat, File-Share, and 1000’s of other Open-Source Applications ready to be Powered by the PI.




Raspberry Pi Router
OpenWrt running on a Raspberry Pi-3 Trendnet usb 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.


Setup takes minutes if you know Linux or you can just hire some one.

Lots of complete walk-throughs exist on about any project you can imagine.

You just got to google it or use any of your favorite search engines.



Raspberry Pi LAMP
Raspberry Pi with LAMP Setup