Geeking out with Bots and IRC

I remember jumping on IRC with a program called mIRC, my windows98 getting attacked by script kiddies doing Denial of Service Attacks, and getting my computer kicked off my 56k internet connection.

I lost count of how many times I would need to reinstall windows because of these IRC Gangstas and their bots.

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Suffering from a bit of nostalgia I decided to use my 5 year old’s Pi Cluster to run a bot and IRC daemon here at the Farm to see if I can use the chat rooms to monitor other app stats.

I got the wireless going far enough I could get a few of my rural neighbors in on the chat . If anyone was this techie around here.

ultimate starter pi cluster
I call her the Tesseract

Maybe I could even setup an alert station and send them weather alerts to their computers or phones logged in to the network 😀

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ultimate starter pi clusterMoments later I had a simple egg.conf going and my bot in a channel.
Blast from the PAst!


ultimate starter pi cluster
I gave my bot operator status and now the empty room sits 😀 until i figure out what else to do with it 😀

***  more bot stuff coming soon!

Best Bitcoin Mining 2018

Nothing like Bitcoin to Excite some one

When bitcoin came out there were a few people putting together video cards in servers and playing around with the mining scripts. I helped with gathering the hardware and setting up some software but at the time I had so many things going on I wasn't interested in following the craze.

Its 2017 and Bitcoin is in the thousands. People are buying it up and its to late for the average joe to start mining and make some money or is it?

I looked up a few options and found you can still mine.
You wont be making as much money but there is still people buying and reviewing video cards (GPU’s) for mining.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070     30 mh/s
AMD Radeon RX 580           29 mh/s
AMD RX 480                  28 mh/s

You can also get yourself some high price miners like the ones below

Either way there is still hope for those still living with their mom 😛 or with enough solar  power and internet to make some cheddar ($$$) .

* Keep the projects coming!

Top 3 Best Free Data Recovery Software Of 2018

Data Recovery is the most important thing any office or end user needs to think about when entering important data into the computer whether its pictures, videos, or documents.  If your life depends on it you want the Data Secure.

But there will always be that one day where Your computer hard drive crashes and no longer boots.  This is when you need good Data Recovery Software.

#1   System Rescue CD

#2   Recuva

#3   PhotoRec

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Network-Wide Ad and Website Blocking

Blocking websites has never been so easy

Having a 5 year old brought up with computers asking on how he can automate something every 5 seconds trying to program already has me looking through his history and blocking websites.

Skipping on his homework to to look at game reviews through YouTube with lots of bad language.  All them videos needed to go.

Then there was Snippets of Code  which were good and some Code he was running that was crashing all the computers in the house.

Network Security

DNS Services with the  use of a router would add a monthly fee which we didn’t need. Setting up a proxy or dns server fined tuned with stats from scratch was gonna take me a bit.

I found Pi-Hole.
Network-wide ad and website blocking via your own Linux hardware
A black hole for Internet advertisements

No client-side software required





Installing Pi-Hole was very easy.  You just need to open up a terminal window and type this in :

sudo curl -sSL | bash

I could of installed it on a virtual but i had a
Raspberry Pi Zero-W laying around that was just perfect.