My Computer

This setup is super quiet all you see are blinking lights.

I recently chose to give up my Dell Desktop and start using a pi.
If I needed a computer, I could just remote into the Wife or kids.

Now the Dell Computer is configured better,  Its no longer just a desktop. Its Now a Media Server running an additional two virtual Linux Servers for my kid and I to play with.

I love Linux

I was originally playing around with dns, a firewall, and just one pi as a terminal.

I decided to give those pis to the family and setup a cluster for the kid to learn distributed computing now that hes all gun ho about python scripting thanks to his mom.

Set-up is a 6 node stack:
–  node (1 )  router / firewall / wireless access-point
–  node (2) workstation
–  node (3-6) networked test cluster

Its a BLOCK but its Mobile 😀

My Computer
6 Node Cluster (Router, Workstation, 4 node Cluster)

The Ultimate Starter Pi Cluster
Secure Router/Firewall/Ad Blocking Spyware Stopping Connection to the Internet, My personal Computer/ Test Lab all fitting in the Palm of my hand

You can do anything with these things as well as Automate your house.
I told the wife “Ill test everything on this block and maybe convert this stack into the brain of the Farms Automation“.

Run Your small Business off a Raspberry Pi

You will see I got this Cluster posted everywhere.

Ultimate Starter Raspberry Cluster

You don’t need a big powerful cluster super computer to run things for your small business.

There are Email, Web, inner-office Chat, File-Share, and 1000’s of other Open-Source Applications ready to be Powered by the PI.




Raspberry Pi Router
OpenWrt running on a Raspberry Pi-3 Trendnet usb 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.


Setup takes minutes if you know Linux or you can just hire some one.

Lots of complete walk-throughs exist on about any project you can imagine.

You just got to google it or use any of your favorite search engines.



Raspberry Pi LAMP
Raspberry Pi with LAMP Setup


Geeking out with Bots and IRC

I remember jumping on IRC with a program called mIRC, my windows98 getting attacked by script kiddies doing Denial of Service Attacks, and getting my computer kicked off my 56k internet connection.

I lost count of how many times I would need to reinstall windows because of these IRC Gangstas and their bots.

Products from

Suffering from a bit of nostalgia I decided to use my 5 year old’s Pi Cluster to run a bot and IRC daemon here at the Farm to see if I can use the chat rooms to monitor other app stats.

I got the wireless going far enough I could get a few of my rural neighbors in on the chat . If anyone was this techie around here.

ultimate starter pi cluster
I call her the Tesseract

Maybe I could even setup an alert station and send them weather alerts to their computers or phones logged in to the network 😀

Products from

ultimate starter pi clusterMoments later I had a simple egg.conf going and my bot in a channel.
Blast from the PAst!


ultimate starter pi cluster
I gave my bot operator status and now the empty room sits 😀 until i figure out what else to do with it 😀

***  more bot stuff coming soon!

Which Raspberry Pi Kit Is Best For You

Last year, we got a Raspberry Pi Kit for our son.  We bought into the hype and purchased a Kano to get him started with Linux Computing and Coding.

Which Raspberry Pi Kit Is Best For You

The Kano is named after the founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano, and his teaching about the education.

After purchasing it, we realized it was a pretty Standard Raspberry Pi Kit with a Linux distro especially designed for kids which they share with an OpenSource License.

Which Raspberry Pi Kit Is Best For You

Picking a Raspberry Pi Kit

There are many different flavors of kits.  You’ve got a zero-w or a Pi3 to choose from.  There is also a Pi2 but honestly with the built in Wi-Fi in in the Pi3, why would you choose any other?
Which Raspberry Pi Kit Is Best For You
There are many projects and distros (images) to choose from like :

Below you can see the differences between all the models.Which Raspberry Pi Kit Is Best For You
So many possibilities in such a little device 🙂

Best Raspberry Pi Tools of 2018

Once you select your Kit, it’s time to start gathering up your Raspberry Pi Tools.

Just like the kits, these come in many types and flavors.

Best Raspberry Pi Tools of 2018

Raspberry Pi Tools

  • Etcher  – Formatting your micro sd cards is as easy as Select Image, Choose a Drive, and Flash.
  • HealthyPi – A patient monitoring Hat includes ECG, respiration, pulse oximetry and features options to add blood pressure and body temperature sensing
  • P4wnP1highly customizable USB attack platform
  • pi-gencreate the Raspbian images
  • PiBakery – Script your way to setting up a Raspberry Pi
  • PiShrinkMake your pi images smaller!
  • PoisonTapExploits locked/password protected computers over USB