False Sense of Security

There is No Real Security and your feelings of confidence and safety should go out the window with what I am about to say.

–> the Current TECH out there IS NOT SAFE and NEVER WILL BE! <–

script kiddieWe are in the age where kids are growing up with a computer and phone in their hand. Don’t even look up anymore when walking. They just keep their face down onto the screen keeping up-to-date with what their social network is doing.

Its not like when we were younger and our parents had no Idea what a computer was.

Data Security

hacker tools

There are kids talking to other kids in school and rushing home to get on the computer to network, play games, and horde loads of crap playing hacker.

The tools are just out there if you know where to look for them and this is where the problem lies and why you really need to think about your Data-Security.


Intel Vulnerabilities
Meltdown and Spectre

intel hack
With a few scripts of code being modified on a daily basis now by script kiddies there will be variants of these attacks popping up for a while.

The attacks allow a hacker to read memory at the kernel levelĀ  and the functions of apps on a computer.

Passwords, photos, documents anything you consider private-data every phone, computer, tablet, and IOT Device.

Anything that has a internet connection with a intel based chipset is now vulnerable and can be accessed by the attacker.

What can be done about it?

If you know a IT consultant or Tech ask them about intrusion detection with Honey Pots for your network.

You usually don’t find out your compromised because of the deletion of logs and tools used by the attacker to cover their tracks but you can always find out if the attacker is on the network with an IDS(Intrusion Detection System).

An attacker usually gains access through an email attachment or vulnerability with the system or networked device due to lack of software patching. Why its very important you stay up to date.Anonymous Time

This is why you need a Tech to monitor your network and keep it updated.

Don’t get caught with your pants down hire some one.