Learn How to Use Linux and Start Programming Under $300

If my 5 year old boy can learn Linux and start programming So can you.

I had him reading at age 2 and always telling him to look up all his questions.

It really came in handy when he asked how to do certain things and we got him books about the subject improving his code day by day.

Lesson plans for Educators

heres a few things to look forward to with your Kano

Design & Engineering Challenges
English & Language Arts
Arts and Drama
Social Sciences

You can do what my kid did and jump in by get a kano computer.

They come with accessories and addons cool enough to inspire any kid or adult.

If you already have a raspberry pi computer you can get the kano os free online.   -= download =-



BUY A Raspberry Pi Kit and Download the update Os Free
Save some Money!