Roasting Pigs with La Caja China

Everything but the Squeal

Never thought I would be raising pigs & Roasting them. 

My farming adventures all started with Honey Bees and it was all Urban out of peoples backyards all around the City of Miami-Dade which hosted my Apiaries.

Got picked up by the local paper for growing food out of my moms backyard where I also had chickens and a loose guinea fowl that showed up one day.

Living at my moms where everyone knew me growing up for the last 30 years was awesome as in the neighborhood was my home and having animals like chickens and bees was actually enjoyed and supported. We were mostly a Latino Community.  Everyone got some sweet honey every harvest 😀

Problems started when I moved in with my mother-inlaw to a new neighborhood with the wife.  A new community where no one knew my name.

Received a Warning in the mail for the city and told I was running an illegal nursery in a residential zone I became famous.  What pisses me off is these people go illegally on your property taking pictures of everything and dont get slapped around by the law for trespassing.

Neighbors can be a pain in the ass or a blessing when snitching over stupid shit. All I had were like 15 beehives over 100 starts in 1 gallon containers I was trying to Harden and 18 cubic yards of soil from Eps Organics on the side of my new home My wife and Mother-inlaw just purchased.  I thought it was gonna be my new home but was GREATLY disappointed.

I was Grow Food Not Lawns and everyone else was Grow Lawns Not Food.

What a SHITTY Neighborhood

I could not live this way I told the wife, it was time for us to get out of the city.

whole foods

One thing I had going for me in the City was all the Bee Removals and Workshops teaching people about Honey Bees and all of this was about to be traded out for Piece and Quiet and 5 Acres.

la caja chinala caja china

Wild Hog and Deer are
Both Perfect for La Ca ja China


I had Critter roaming around the New property at night never knowing what was making all that noise until one day I looked out the window.

I grabbed my trusty Henry, Ran out and on two occasions I managed to stick some meat in the freezer.  I loved being out of the city I was hooked.

La Caja China

A week later I was reaching out to Texas for a Hog Trap and then HoldAHawg for a Snares.

I reached out to La Caja China and got a Box big enough for the Pigs I was trapping and Shooting out here.  The best call I ever made back to Miami.

The pork came out so awesome just like the early years of my childhood where every uncle had one of these boxes and roasted at every family event.

La Caja China

Its a Cuban thing

La Caja China

The Best thing to have at any Festivity

One thing led to another and now I raise pigs for Family and Friends

La Caja China

La Caja China
So many La Caja China is Necessary


la caja china


La Caja China